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At Griffin Lettings we specialise in helping our clients find the right tenant for their property, at a very affordable price! Our aim is to make the letting process simple and efficient for landlords and tenants.

When you rent my property online with Griffin Lettings, we make it seamless!

At Griffin Lettings we are a team of highly experienced letting agents. Previously, we spent 18 years in business on the high street. This has given us true insight into the rental industry and the rental market. We decided to move online in 2016, and since then we have only grown stronger and stronger. This has allowed us to give every customer a truly personable service. When you decide to rent my property online, there is no one better to go to!

Our team at Griffin Lettings is made up of eight property professionals who have many years experience working in the letting market. We are all extremely passionate about providing a bespoke service to all our clients and we are constantly working hard to improve our services.

Renting your property online has never been so easy.

The package you get with Griffin Lettings is efficient, cost-effective and straightforward.

When you decide to rent my property online with us, you can advertise your property for as little as £19.95. Simply sign up and within 20 minutes your property will be listed on some of the most popular renal portals. This will place them in front of prospective clients searching for properties just like yours!

The secure online portal we use at Griffin Lettings will make it easier than ever to rent my property online. We will ensure everything is perfect before your property goes live.

As your property goes live, you can sit back and enjoy the excitement! We will ensure you get the maximum exposure to those who matter. We also offer a chat system between landlord and potential tenant. This allows all questions to be answered directly, by cutting out the middleman!

When you decide to rent my property online with Griffin Lettings, we will ensure the process is easy. If you have any questions or concerns, anytime of the day you can contact us on 0345 561 0050! You can also visit our website to find out more about all we can offer you.